• Graduate Students
    • Dr. Yiu Chu (MIT 1993)
      Thesis Title: "Theoretical Studies of Pure Electron Plasmas in Asymmetric Traps"
    • Dr. Ge Zhang (Clark University 1993)
      Thesis Title: "Investigation of the Performance of Free-Electron Lasers and Mode Competition in Free Electron Lasers"
    • Dr. Xiao Tong Yu (MIT 1994)
      Thesis Title: "Intensity Limits in Storage Rings"
    • Prof. Gennady Shvets (MIT 1995)
      Thesis Title: "Intense Laser Interaction with Plasma"
    • Dr. Chia Lian Lin (MIT 1995)
      Thesis Title: "Experimental and Theoretical Studies of a High Frequency RF Gun"
    • Prof. Palma Catravas (MIT 1998; Herman Haus EECS adviser)
      Thesis Title: "Nonperturbative Electron Beam Diagnostics with a Microwiggler"
    • Dr. Pavel Volfbeyn (MIT 1998; Wim Leemans, co-adviser)
      Thesis Title: "Experimental Studies of Wake Excitation and Laser Guiding in Plasma Channels"
    • Dr. Richa Govil (UCB 1999; Wim Leemans, research advisor)
      Thesis Title: "Return Current Effects in Passive Plasma Lenses for Relativistic Electron Beams"
    • Dr. Carl Schroeder (UCB 1999)
      Thesis Title: "Plasma-Based Accelerating Structures"
    • Dr. Ekaterina Backhaus (UCB 2001)
      Thesis Title: "Theoretical Studies of Collisionless Relaxation in Beam-Plasma Systems"
    • Dr. Vladimir Gorgadze (UCB 2005)
      Thesis Title: "Non-neutral plasmas : injection, instabilities and control"
    • Dr. Cameron Geddes (UCB 2005; Wim Leemans, research advisor)
      Thesis Title: "Plasma Channel Guided Laser Wakefield Accelerator"
    • Dr. Andrew Charman (UCB 2007)
      Thesis Title: "Random Aspects of Beam Physics and Laser-Plasma Interactions"
    • Dr. Ryan Lindberg (UCB 2007)
      Thesis Title: "Nonlinear and Multi-Wave Effects in Fast-Scale Laser-Plasma Interactions "
    • Xiaowei Gu
    • Jose Correa
    • Jim Keller
  • Undergraduate Students
    • Prof. Ivan Deutsch (MIT 1987)
      Thesis Title: "Free Electron Radiation Induced by Stimulated Transition Scattering"
    • Dr. Jesse Dotson (MIT 1989)
      Thesis Title: "A Multiple Waveguide Mode Simulation of Cyclotron Autoresonance Masers"
    • Prof. Matthew McCluskey (MIT 1991)
      Thesis Title: "Phase Stability in the Two-Beam Accelerator"
    • Peter Lee (UCB 1998; Wim Leemans, co-adviser)
      Thesis Title: "Analysis of Optically Trapped Electron Bunches by Colliding Laser Pulses in Plasma Accelerators"
    • Josh Rembaum (UCB)
    • Michael Gullans (UCB 2007)
    • David Michta (UCB 2009)
    • Daniel Bates (UCB 2010)
    • Eugene Kur (UCB 2010)
  • High School Students
  • Postdoctoral Researchers
    • Dr. Gregg Penn
    • Prof. Hae Jun Lee
    • Dr. Wen-Hao Cheng
    • Prof. Eun-San Kim
    • Prof. Min-Sup Hur
    • Prof. Brad Shadwick
    • Dr. Peter Stoltz
    • Dr. Peter Mardahl
  • Visiting Scientists